WOCU Monitoring 2024 roadmap

In 2024, there will be significant advancements in WOCU-Monitoring. Right from the start, we have revamped our approach to defining the roadmap, focusing on fundamental strategic pillars for any monitoring tool.

Therefore, it’s essential that our roadmap be known, at least, by all involved parties in one way or another.

WOCU-Monitoring is a tool designed to address issues in large-scale monitoring environments. We have progressed to manage hundreds of thousands of devices and are now focused on enhancing user experience through:

  • New user interface utilizing the latest User Experience (UX) techniques: applied in its design, and a data model oriented towards displaying contextualized information.
  • Improvements in User Interface Access Control (UI-ACL): with accesses based on predefined user profiles and the ability to generate custom profiles as needed.
  • Customized reports: increased versatility of reports with a wizard for creating tailored reports, adapted to the needs of each department, area, or user.
  • Streamlined business processes: enhancements in configuring and visualizing process-based monitoring for clear and simple understanding of service status.
  • Advanced notifications: simpler notification system to configure with new functionalities to reduce incident resolution times.
  • Self-monitoring: to maintain a platform capable of managing hundreds of thousands of devices, we have implemented a self-management system that facilitates daily tasks for administrators and provides real-time status of each instance.

We focus on increasing our functionalities while reducing our carbon footprint. This is achievable through:

  • Specific agents for each operating system, secure in terms of cybersecurity, and efficient in host resource consumption.
  • Improving our checks for more efficient active monitoring, reducing our environmental impact.

WOCU-Monitoring will stay up to date with the latest technologies, expanding its list of Monitoring Packs for automatic deployment of monitoring in large environments.

We will provide a solution as flexible as the environment being monitored, including:

  • Specific monitoring of virtual environments.
  • Cloud environment monitoring to reduce uncertainty and manage SLAs and expenses.
  • Docker monitoring for the current digital environment.

We provide different monitoring approaches to obtain a comprehensive picture of the environment:

  • UX monitoring.
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM).
  • Synthetic monitoring.
  • Passive monitoring in SDN environments.
  • Security monitoring.

We continue to advance with new technologies:

  • Deployment on Kubernetes for licenses aimed at large environments.
  • Entry version available for download and use via Docker.

In summary, this roadmap represents our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.