WOCU-Monitoring V 56 released

A new versión has been released and is available to download.


New Contacts notification system
Information about WOCU-Monitoring license status
Infrastructure endpoint caching system
Evolution of the display and use of Passive Services
Ability to associate one or more notification paths to Contacts
Management and maintenance of error codes in WOCU-Monitoring
Extension of fields in e-mail notifications
Configuration of initial states in Passive Services
Notificaciones via Discord
Updating and optimizing WOCU-Monitoring documentation

Other improvements

From this version on, the elastic_ip field of the logger model will support domain names. This option is in addition to the already allowed IP addresses.

.js files have been removed from the Import-Tool whose code is no longer useful or redundant, largely due to refactorings of many elements and blocks of the module. With this expurgation, the software is optimized in the long term and maintenance costs that may arise are avoided.

From this version onwards, the selected filters and the zoom applied in the Geomap are preserved, regardless of the view refresh.

Accessibility improvements in various forms and text fields.

Revision and update of all Titles (Tooltips) attributes of JSON Schema type modals.

Fixed a bug where new items added in the configuration selectors of the new Kingdom registration form were not being displayed.

Updated and unified the date format used in the Audit Module. From now on, the table will register actions with the format used in the rest of the application (dd/mm/yy).

The functionality of the Clear Filter button in the Services Inventory has been recovered, when advanced filters are implemented on the table elements.

Relocation of the Infrastructure and Audit modules to the User Menu.
With this change, in addition to reuniting both sections with the rest of the administration portals, configuration of preferences and access to documentation, the main bar is cleared for the incorporation of new functions.

The Collected component has been replaced due to its high resource consumption (both in execution and space).In its place, a script that runs the operating system itself has been implemented. This leads to a significant performance improvement.

Fixed a bug that affected the pagination of tables when filters were applied.

BP Host and BP Services modalities are now accessible from the Names of the Hosts Inventory and Services Inventory tables.Updated the Count by type of elements table in the Global View: Home with the addition of a new column where the total of assets in UP/OK status is indicated.

Fixed an error in the formatting of decimals in the export of Multimetrics Reports (Multimetrics) of CSV and JSON type.

From this version on, the last Monitoring visited in the Monitoring Infrastructure view is kept, even if another view is consulted later.The descriptive message included in the CSV file import form has been unified.The Events export function in CSV format operates normally again.The massive deletion of comments in the inventories of the Assets section has been speeded up.