WOCU-Monitoring V57 released

WOCU-Monitoring version 57 is here!


We continue to improve the usability of the tool, this is a small appetizer of what is to come:

Improved alarm notification system. The configuration has been simplified, new media have been added and the appearance of the notifications issued has been modified.
Integration of a global search engine, useful for locating assets in large infrastructures.
Testing of the performance of the monitoring packs prior to application and improvements in the display of the WOCU-Check function.
Integration of Gconf, as a complementary tool for the management and consultation of configurations and backups of monitored equipment.
New section in the user’s manual, with operating system update guides.

Other functionalities that increase the performance and security of the application:

Creation of a new API instance to decentralize console queries, ensuring an equal distribution of requests among different nodes, which will improve the performance of the tool in large environments.
Debian 11 support and MySQL 8 upgrade.

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