I have problems with the CPU and memory pack using SNMP. Any ideas on what could happen or how to solve it? have other packs that work through snmp and they do work correctly. Thank you

Hello and welcome to the community.

We check the problem and the steps to fix it are:

  • Download the next script: (106.5 KB)

  • Unzip the download script.

  • Upload the script to the next path, for example, with scp:

scp <local script downloaded with complete path> <user>@<server_destiny>:/opt/wocu/embedded/var/lib/shinken/libexec/

  • Change the permisions and owner to 755 and root:root, for example:

chmod 755 /opt/wocu/embedded/var/lib/shinken/libexec/
chown root:root /opt/wocu/embedded/var/lib/shinken/libexec/

With this workaround, you will fix the problem.

We are changing the app to solve this case, but, until we have the new version, you need to fix it to solve it.


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